Sunday, March 27, 2016

Free Dictation App from Google Chrome works well with a Headset Microphone

This app worked very well for me, it made very few mistakes and I spoke very fast to see how well it would work, and it worked great. It even has a few handy voice commands that also worked well, "new sentence" and "new paragraph". See the website for others. I found like most voice recognition programs it was more accurate when I used a headset microphone. Mine is a $30 Logitech from Best Buy, nothing really expensive, but it works well. This app is free and and works good! What is not to like. You can get it from the Google Chrome Store or from his website. I have Norton Antivirus and it didn't find any viruses so it safe to use in my opinion. Give it a try. Remember no one is paying me for my opinion. If I say I like it that's my honest opinion.

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