Supplier Links

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Local Retailers in Sydney, Nova Scotia

AG Research, 225 Charlotte Street, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Phone 562-3202 (Computers and Software)

Best Buy (Computers and Software), Mayflower Mall, Sydney, NS, Phone 539 5877

Soundafex, 484 Grand Lake Rd, Sydney, NS, Phone 564-9400 (Macintosh and Windows Computers/Software)

Staples (Computers and Software) Mayflower Mall, Sydney, NS, Phone 539 4027

The Source (Computers and Software), Mayflower Mall, Sydney, NS, Phone 564-1877

The Source (Computers and Software), 298 Prince Street, Sydney, NS, Phone 539-4610

Major Assistive Technology Retailers in other parts of Canada

Ceptstral Voices (Sells computer voices)

Don Johnston, (Sells variety of software), Phone 1 800 999 4660

Emablemart (Software and Devices)

Frontier Computing, Toronto, On, Toll Free 1 888 480 0000 (Sell Sky Wifi Smartpen, Echo Smartpen, Word Q, Speak Q, Kurzweil, other assistive software and devices)

Humanware (Low Vision Products), Ontario, Phone 1 888 723 7273

Industry Canada (List of Assistive Device Companies), Phone 1 800 328 6189

Lake Software (Click n Type - Free keyboard software with word prediction and switch scanning)

Nextup (Sells computer voices, at the bottom of their website and text to speech software)

Premier Literacy ( Reading and Writing Products

R. J. Cooper (Special Switches and Keyboards etc.

Phillips Large Coloured Cursors (FREE)

Smartpen Central (Supplier of Smartpen, Canada, and US), Phone 1 888 345 0288 ext 6 (Smartpens, notbooks, and ink, are also sold at Best Buy, Staples, etc.)

Special Needs Computers (Special Keyboards, mice, etc)

TextHelp, Makers of Read & Write Software and app (

Dolphin Assistive Technology (Learning, Vision, and Blindness Products)

Enhanced Vision (Low Vision Products, CCTV, Video Magnifiers, etc)

Zabaware (Text to Speech Software, including a very good free one)

List of Where to get Accessible Documents and Books in Canada and Where to have Documents Converted into Accessible Formats (Large Print, Audio MP3, DAISY Talking Books, and Braille

Balabolka (Free Text to Speech Software)