Free Software and Apps

Text to Speech

Text to Speech programs read text aloud from emails, documents, PDF files, ebooks, and the internet, using a new human sounding computerized voice.

Balabolka Text to Speech (Free)

Balabolka is one of my favorite free text to speech programs, it can read text from pretty much any document on your computer or text on the internet aloud. It can also highlight text as it is read aloud so you can follow along. It can even save text as an audio file so it can be played on an MP3 player.

Zabaware Reader (Free) with paid options as well

Zabaware Reader is very similar to Balabolka above. The software works very well with similar features to Balabolka above. Zabaware has a "read the clipboard" feature that is turned on by default, it will read aloud any text you select as soon as you click "copy". If you don't like this feature. Click on their "Options" menu to turn it off. Balabolka has the same feature in its "Options" menu but it is turned off so you have to turn it on if you want the program to read aloud any text when you select and then choose the "Copy" command. This is great for reading text here and there as you are browsing the web or a Microsoft Word or PDF document.

Adobe Reader Text to Speech (Free)

Adobe Reader -is a free program that opens PDF files (Portable Document Files) Many textbooks are now available as PDF files, that can be read aloud using this free program from Adobe or other text to speech programs (See Above)

Speech Recognition (Dictation - You Talk it Types) (Free Dictation Software)

The software works surprisingly well especially if you are using a headset microphone. It even have as a few voice commands, for example you can pause briefly while dictating and say "New Line", "New Parograph", "Question Mark", "Full Stop" or "Coma". (Full Stop means "Period" in Europe)

The free dictation software above also has a free app you can add to the Google Chrome Browser, here is a link
Dictation App for Google Chrome (Free)

Tipp 10
Tipp10 is a good free typing tutor program that can be used right from their website or you can download and install it. It can teach you how to type for free

Grammarly is free and it does a great job of checking grammar and spelling as you type in every program on your comptuer

Screen Magnification Software

There are a few different free screen magnification programs similar to Zoomtext

Office Software

Free Word Processing, Spreadsheeting, Data Base, Drawing, Software. Similar to Microsoft office but free and compatible with Microsoft Office
Libre Office (Free)
Open Office (Free)
AbiWord (Free Word Processiing Software)

Ebook Software
Calibre Ebook Converter and Viewer (Free)
FBReader (Free Ereader for Kobo epub and Kindle mobi files)

Free Apps

AudioNote App (Free Version) -A voice recorder and note taker app from the Apple App Store

Dragon Dictation App (Free for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

MyScript Calculator (Free)
Wunderlist (Free To Do Task and Reminder List)

Paid Software

This is one of my favorite Text to Speech programs. TextAloud by
It costs less than $100 and includes 2 high quality voices, and you can buy and install additional voices too. It reads text easily and consistently from any program on your computer.

You will notice that they have quite a few good video tutorials on their website.