There are a variety of ways to learn to write better depending on your main problem areas. Some people have trouble physically being able to write due to problems with their hands or eyes. Some people have trouble organizing their thoughts to be able to form proper sentences and paragraphs, or they have trouble with spelling, vocabulary and grammar. What ever the problem or combination of problems you may have when it comes to writing there are solutions.

There are a number of ways to help people with each of these common writing problems.

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition allows you to speak into a microphone and have the computer or tablet convert your spoken words into text that can be saved into a document, for example into Microsoft Word or other programs on the computer or tablet. For someone who has trouble with spelling, or just getting his or her thoughts on paper this is very useful. It is also useful for those who have trouble with keyboarding. Dragon Naturally Speaking is the best known speech recognition program in the world for computers running Microsoft Windows, and they also make a version of their program called Dragon Dictate for Macintosh computers. Window’s computers (Vista, 7, and 8) also come with a free speech recognition program in the control panel however it is not as accurate as Dragon but works well for some peoples needs. There is a Dragon Dictation App for the iPad that also works very well and it is free. Dragon Naturally Speaking comes in a Home Version which works with Microsoft Word and a Preferred Version which costs more but works with a larger variety programs.

Here is a good 2-minute video about Dragon Speech Recognition from Youtube (2 Minutes)

Here is a good 4-minute video about the free Dragon App for iPad, iPod, and iPhone (4 Minutes)

Windows computers come with a speech recognition feature built-in however it is not as accurate as Dragon Naturally Speaking which normally costs between $100 and $200, depending on which version you buy.

Here is a good 2-minute video about how to setup and use the speech recognition feature that comes with Microsoft Windows when you buy a Windows based computer. This video demonstrates on a Windows 7 Computer, but the process is similar in Windows 8 and Windows 10.
(2 minutes)

Here is a good 3-minute video about how to use Windows Speech Recognition feature that comes with Windows 8 (3 Minutes)