Other Apps I Like

Apps for the iPad, iPod, and iPhone

The Apple App Store has thousands of apps, many are very good, and some not so good. Below I have listed the apps I feel work the best. Many are free or less than $5 from the Apple App Store that can be accessed from your iPad, iPod, or iPhone. I will be updating this list on a regular basis since new apps come out all the time. I will also be adding a list of Android apps with similar capabilities.

Here is a list of Apps for the iPad, iPod, or iPhone:

Help with Reading: Claro PDF, Vbooks PDF, Vbooks Epub, PDF Connoisseur, Voice Over, Word Q
Natural Reader, Voice Dream, Voice Paper, Speak it

Help with Writing: Dragon  Dictation

Help with Math: Talking Scientific Calculator, MyScript Calculator

Help with Note Taking:AudioNote Lite, AudioNote

Help with Staying Organized:Wunderlist, Planner Plus, Taskify Lite, Taskify, iProcrastinate